"  M  eatballs!  " by   Brian Wolfe   is licensed under   CC BY-NC 2.0

"Meatballs!" by Brian Wolfe is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Participate in our research

Soup kitchens and food pantries do vital work with limited budgets. But governments are slashing funding both to hungry people and to hunger relief programs. We must do more with less.

We launched The Nourish Lab to help soup kitchens and food pantries use their resources more efficiently so they can feed more people. To succeed, we need your help. We're conducting surveys and interviews to tell us what works well in your communities, and we need to hear about your challenges too.

Soup kitchen and food pantry volunteers and workers can help by filling out the form below. When we launch our first survey in a few weeks, we'll be sure to send you an invitation -- and when we publish our research, we'll send you a copy.

Working together, we can do better and help more people. We hope you'll take the time to participate.

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